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Fuel Additives

Fuel additives are becoming a strong force in improving fuel economy and treating the ill effects of bio-fuels. With Power Service products, Mielke Oil is able to provide solutions to help you reduce costs in fuel and maintenance. With Power Service products provided by Mielke Oil, you have the products you need to control some of the most common Diesel Fuel and Bio-diesel problems.

Power Service has products meeting the following Applications: Anti-gels, Biodiesel Anti-gels, Cetane Boosters, De-Icers, Fuel Savings, Fuel and Tank Cleaners, Injector Cleaners, Microbial Clean-ups, and Water Removal. Mielke Oil Company also provides Howes Lubricator to provide anti-gel properties to your diesel fuel. We also carry a full line of gasoline additives, such as; Iso-Heet, Heet, SeaFoam, and many others. To order your fuel additives or to see more of the products we carry, contact your Mielke Oil territory manager or review our online catalog.