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Your fleet needs to be on the road to make money, so why use lubricants and products that are not designed for the long haul? With multiple brands available that offer longer periods between changes, Mielke Oil Company has the right product to keep your fleet up and running and out of the shop. MORE INFO
Construction equipment is run at the extreme for long periods of time, putting extra strain on the equipment and increasing the need for the right lubricants to ensure long life and minimal breakdowns. MORE INFO
Manufacturers and the equipment you have create many unique challenges. With Mielke Oil, you are prepared to face those challenges through a clear understanding of the products you need to keep each piece of equipment you operate functioning at its best. MORE INFO
Mielke Oil offers a wide variety of products to meet the needs of local, state, and federal agencies. MORE INFO
Mielke Oil Company offers a wide array of products for retail settings. MORE INFO
Farming is a never ending process, with equipment running 24/7 at high rpms. With products from Mielke Oil’s brand offerings allow us to find the right product for your equipment, keeping you in the field longer. MORE INFO
Racing is more than a hobby, it is a way of life and finding ways to make your racing lifestyle more successful is something we all drive for. Mielke Oil has the right fuel and lubricants to meet your racing needs, whether you race dirt bikes or open wheel, we have the fuels to help your engine run better and create more power and speed. MORE INFO
Repair shops face many challenges throughout the day. Having the right automotive fluids to meet the demands brought by customers can be a challenge. MORE INFO
It is important to keep cost low when offering quick oil change services. With multiple brands, Mielke Oil has the products you need to offer quality products with your services while still keeping your costs to a minimum. MORE INFO
Having the right lubricants, greases, and hydraulics for your equipment can mean the difference between a productive day and a complete plant shutdown. With our knowledgeable staff and access to some of the best lubricant brands and personnel, Mielke Oil Company can help you find the right product for your equipment and help you run a more efficient and productive plant. MORE INFO
High quality lubricants that meet the requirements of the government for food contact is important to your business. We at Mielke Oil can help you choose the right lubricant and other products that qualify as food safe and can help you keep your equipment running more efficient. MORE INFO
Power generation is a 24/7 industry requiring specific products to meet the demands placed on the equipment to create the energy that drives the world. MORE INFO
Logging is a very intense business to be in. From the logging roads in the back woods to the constant wear and tear on saws and equipment from long days in the woods, Mielke Oil has the solutions you need to keep your equipment well lubricated and working throughout the day. MORE INFO